Determinants of the Future-Oriented Knowledge and Skills of the Bulgarian High School Students

What is this project about?

How can we improve school outcomes to create a future-oriented culture and knowledge in Bulgarian students?
This is the question this project seeks to answer. But this question turns out to be very complex. Its answer runs through a series of other research questions. Such as: which outcomes are we referring to? That is, what does literacy mean in our time and why is this new literacy important? What knowledge and skills does it imply? And what knowledge and skills are needed beyond it? How can we improve this knowledge and skills, and what are the determinants in and out of school that condition them? And what are the barriers? What practices exist to overcome these barriers? Do the determinants of achievement differ for boys and girls, for children from vulnerable families compared to children who are not? Are there specific barriers and opportunities for each group? If so, what specific practices and elements of the educational environment can assist in overcoming barriers and enhancing opportunities?


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