What is literacy nowadays?

The concept of literacy is constantly evolving in the context of the times in which it is used, that is in the context of the stage of cultural and civilizational development. In modern societies, notions of literacy have long gone beyond simply reading, writing and numeracy skills. Literacy, or so-called functional literacy, includes knowledge and skills that enable a person to cope successfully in life situations, to be able to critically understand and make sense of more complex concepts related to his or her various roles in modern society. For example, one to have sufficient knowledge to be able to adequately inform oneself from a medicine leaflet, to be able to freely exercise one’s rights and obligations as a citizen, to have the knowledge to distinguish true from false information, and so on. It also means having the key skills to find the knowledge one needs, to be able to analyse information, to make critical sense of it, to make links between cause and effect and to be able to create.