Beyond Language Literacy

There are many subject areas of literacy in our time beyond language literacy. Basic digital, mathematical and scientific knowledge and skills are essential. In addition to a certain minimum of academic knowledge, which should enable the student to understand the main ideas and concepts that form the basis of scientific and technological thought, other abilities are needed here.

According to OECD, such abilities include being interdisciplinary and science problem-oriented approach (sometimes with a high degree of abstractness), explaining scientifically observable natural processes and phenomena; handling visual materials and formulating scientific questions given data; interpreting data scientifically and using them in real-life situations that are usually interdisciplinary „not only knowledge of the concepts and theories of science, but also knowledge of the general procedures and practices involved in scientific inquiry and how they enable science to progress” (OECD). In an increasing number of countries, this is being recognised and educational strategies and policies are moving towards creating more mathematical, technical, digital and science literacy.